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Beta testers get ready

May 14 2007

Hi All,

This week we'll be releasing a beta version of the next version of Simple Invoices.

Why a beta version?

Over the last 2 months Simple Invoices has undergone a huge 'refactoring' - all the background code has basically been changed and updated. The database has gone under the knife and alot of fields are getting renamed. etc..

What do beta testers have to do?

We need as many people to test the beta release so that we can iron out as many issues etc. before we do the real release. All you have to is download the beta, install it, and run through as many tests as possible and reports any issues to the Simple Invoices dev forum.

When i say issues, i mean any stuff thats not working that used to work etc.

New features: The only new feature is the ability to email invoices as PDF via Simple Invoices. This has been on the todo list since Simple Invoices was first released more than a year ago - so im very pleased it'll finally be released

Note: - There are around 70 sql patches so please backup your db before starting beta testing - I recommend using a spare db for the testing and not your main one - The invoice template system has been changed so if youve customised your own template it wont work now :(




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