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Development Update

Hello All,

Just a quick update on what has been going on with Simple Invoices development recently.

We've changed the development mailing list by moving all code and issue related messages to their own group which can be found at If you would like to receive these messages then please sign up to this new group. We've made this change so that there is less 'noise' in the developer mailing list. The main developer discussion will be staying on Posterous for the time being.

There is a discussion about the library used to generate PDFs going on in an issue thread on Google Code. We are thinking about maybe moving to a new library to speed up PDF generation and make it more reliable and flexible. If you have any suggestions of libraries that we should consider or want to join in the discussion please post your comments here:

A big thanks goes out to all those that have contributed to the project over the last few weeks. A few of those that have made notable contributions (technical or non-technical) are below:

  • Raffael Luthiger
  • Seth Lauzon
  • ananthisanthi (forum)

I will try to get these updates out every few weeks in the future.

Thanks for reading,



Diaa Ziad, 2011/09/28 19:26

Hi Matt,

Thanks for the update. Thanks go to you and all fellows who are helping. You are doing a great job.

By the way, the download link to SimpleInvoice for Windows is broken. Would you please look into this?


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