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Changes to the Support Forum

Hello everyone,

After using the SimpleInvoices Google+ community for development discussion over the past few months we have decided to move our general support forum over to Google+ too.

We will be making the existing forum read only in the near future and would ask that any new support requests be posted to the 'Support' section in the Google+ community.

This change should make it easier for the team to monitor support requests and ensure that nothing gets missed.



justin, 2013/02/11 08:49

thanks matt! - g+ will be a huge help to the SimpleInvoices community - way better than using a forum software

Steve Hagerman, 2015/07/08 22:41

There is talk of Google+ going away, so this might not be the best move. You also have to keep in mind what happened to the Google Code repository that everyone gravitated to for their projects. You are better off with your own servers and software.

justin, 2015/07/09 13:01

thanks steve - its been a few years now and im still happy with how g+ communities is workign out - dealing with all the spam etc.. on the old forums was becoming a real pain - and on g+ the threads are more active (number of posts and number of different people) than when we had the forum running

that said if they do ever kill it off happy to look at or similar



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