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Item level tax rates?

Hi Guys

I'm starting to look at tax rate/markup/discount per item in an invoice - just wondering how the different tax system work each each country (as want to be able to handle as many different locales as possible)

If you can post what country your from and how you are supposed to handle different taxes in 1 invoice it would be great

some questions i have are:

  1. if we have multiple tax rates per line items is there still a need for an invoice level tax rate?
  2. how many tax rates are you supposed to have for your line items. ie 1, 2 or 3 - if so detail what they are
  3. if there is a need for an invoice level tax rate (assuming that you can set whatever tax rates per item ) is this invoice level tax calculated inc/ex the line item tax(es)?

hopefully the below example explains that i mean better :)


id qty product_id unit_price item_tax_1 item_tax_2 invoice_level_tax
1 1 1 $100 10% = $10 5% (is this calc on $100 or $110)? 10% (is this calc on $100 or $115)? - is this tax rate even needed?

also do you guys have a need for just % based rate - or would you also need to handle misc. $ markup/downs per line item?

just post here in the discussion section or in the forum: Cheers



Ricardo Rodrigues, 2008/12/18 22:31

Hi there,

In Portugal we can have 5 different VAT taxes per invoice. Each line have its own.

I'm visiting this site because I need some kind of simple automatic invoicing, and by automatic I mean some kind of:

$new_invoice = new SimpleInvoice(); $new_invoice→addLine('description', 'qtty', 'cost_unity', 'tax_code'); $new_invoice→printPDF;

This can be done with SimpleInvoices?

Thanks Ricardo

justin, 2008/12/18 23:08

Hey Ricardo

thanks for the input

once the multiple taxes per line item work is done you can have as many taxes per line item as you want

re automatic invoicing

  1. its not currently built into Simple Invoices to do this - but theres now reason why it couldnt be done
  2. you may want to have a look at , one of our community has done some work re automating invoices - ie recurring which should be similar to what your after

let us know how you go



Rene Bartosh, 2009/03/14 11:21

Hi there,

Just some feedback about the multiple tax codes. This is a very good idea, and I was wondering if it would be possible to create reports on the different tax codes? E.g. totals for each tax code type for a particular range of invoices/dates? Not asking for a feature per se, just want to know how hard it would be to implement.



justin, 2009/03/17 08:42

Hey Kirjava,

its do-able - you'll just have to take some time to review the db structure and you'll be able to figure it out no worries

post on the forum if you have any queries



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