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Looking for new web host-VPS provider for

April 03 2008

Hi All,

We're currently running on webhost. I haven't had to many dramas with servage but i've found their servers to sometimes run slow and no ssh is a real pain

I'd love to use for but $240 per year doesn't suit my budget :(

My current thoughts are:

  • (though they only got mysql 4.1 - and not sure about php5 version)
  • not as there has been alot of bad reports
  • and some cheaper but OK vps providers

preferably somewhere where we can run php5.2 and mysql5

Can anyone recommend a good webhost/vps provider that you have used?

Note: not looking for charity - yeah you can run on my dodgy old server type thing

Note: and as i try to post this on the forum the db goes down - talk about timing



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