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PHP 5 only!

September 20 2007

Hi All,

the next release is drawing closer - in a few days i'll release a beta – thats assuming im sober enough after the AFL finals this weekend :)


the next release will no longer support php4!

why are we dropping php4 support?

  • mainly because with each new day more and more OO code is getting check in and making it backwards compatible is a pain in the ass
  • plus we want to use the nice new features of php5 and not be dragged down by backwards compatibility issues
  • also as highlight by php4 will soon be unsupported by the php/zend crew

but you say, my server only has php4!

  • either upgrade your server
  • change web hosts
  • install php5 locally
  • or continue using the php4 compatible versions of Simple Invoices


in the not to distant future I plan on offering free and paid for Simple Invoices hosting - so if you can hang out till then you can move your Simple Invoices to one of my servers

- email me at [email protected] if your interested Simple Invoices hosting now



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