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Simple Invoices 2007 02 02 released

February 02 2007

Hi All Simple Invoices 20070202 has been released.

There are 2 issues with the last release of Simple Invoices, 1 a security issue and 2 a code issue

the security issue was related to how the new index.php handles the include() files of the requested page and the code issue was that the Consulting style invoices was totally stuffed

  • ChangeLog:

o Issue 73 Security: Controller.php doesnt validate the $_GET input

        o Issue 71 Null Invoice: Consulting style issue
        o Manage tables font size reduction
        o Known Issue: Issue 72 Sort not working correctly for numbers 

as always you can grab your copy from our sourceforge download page at:

website: forum: demo:

Please let me know if you have any issues with this release



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