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Simple Invoices 2007 03 05 released

March 05 2007

Hi All,

I'm very happy to finally announce the availability of Simple Invoices 2007 03 05!!

The main changes are the inclusion of the new live grid for the manage pages and custom fields for invoices


  • New live grid ajax (Live Grid Plus + OpenRico) used to manage the display of all the table info in the 'manage' pages. The old tablesorter and filtering has been removed.
  • Issue 79 Custom field extended to support be in invoices
  • Issue 78 The ajax info page/alert boxes moved from jQuery thickbox to ibox so as to work with the new open rico live grid
  • Issue 81 New info page for Custom Fields in voices
  • Issue 80 New info detailing what custom fields are
  • Issue 74 Standardised on using Engligh Number system throughout (ie, 2,400.00 instead of 2400)
  • Issue 86 Live grid modified to work with IT
  • Romanian translation added



Online demo

  • the demos wont be updated for a few days

If you have any issues please feel free to post on the forum



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