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Simple Invoices 2008 09 26 Beta 1

Hi All,

I'm very pleased to announce the availablity of the first beta release (2008 09 26 Beta 1) of the next major version of Simple Invoice!! code name for this series is 'Flying Doormat' refer wiki page

This release has been under development for the last year, though there are lots of backend and frontend changes this release signifies more of a new beginning for Simple Invoices rather than an upgrade in features. The changes and work that has gone on under the hood of this release puts us in a good position to advance Simple Invoices and make it a truely kick ass invoicing system.

More will be detailed soon, there will be 3 beta releases before the final version is released.

Whats news:

  • Use of PDO for database abstraction
  • Addition of a PostgreSQL version of Simple Invoices
  • Manage pages have been redeveloped using Flexigrid
  • Product price is now editable during invoice creation and editing
  • Items can be deleted from an invoice during invoice editing
  • Use of various components of the Zend Framework
    • inc. ACL, Auth, DB Table, Locale, Config,..
  • Config.php has been replaces with config.ini
  • Product matrix extension added
  • Text_UI extension added

Whats still todo:

Download Beta 1 now from


  • Documentation for this release is still a work in progress but basically there is no more config.php, all db and config details are now stored in ./config.php
  • Backup your db first and I wouldnt use this as your production version just yet (unless your really game:) )

Post here for in the forum if you find an bugs with it

Also I hope everyone tunes in for tomorrows AFL ( ) Grand Final ( ), Cats v Hawks in a rematch of the classic 1989 Grand Final ( ) - what a game, don't expect me to be in any state to answer queries :)





demo error, 2009/08/04 21:28

Simple Invoices database connection problem

Could not connect to the Simple Invoices database

For information on how to fix this pease refer to the following database error: –> SQLSTATE[42000] [1203] User sixhqcom_justin already has more than 'max_user_connections' active connections

If this is an Access denied error please enter the correct database connection details config/config.ini

Note: If you are installing Simple Invoices please follow the below steps: 1. Create a blank MySQL database 2. Enter the correct database connection details in the config/config.ini file 3. Refresh this page

justin, 2009/08/18 23:28


the demo has now been fixed up and ok to use



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