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Simple Invoices 2009.1 beta 3 released

Hi Guys,

I'm very happy to announce the availability of Simple Invoices 2009.1 beta 3

Whats new

  1. users management - you can now add/edit users in Simple Invoices - no more phpmyadmin nonsense
  2. multiple taxes per line item - just adjust the number of taxes per line item in System Preferences to show the number you require
  3. UI updates - Simple Invoices is now using 970px wide layout instead of 100% width
  4. email as pdf working now
  5. email - now allow multiple email addresses in to or bcc and can be delimited via , or ; - thanks stella
  6. add system pref for number of taxes per line item
  7. sql patch 163 - tax conversion patch updated

Known issues

  1. customer view info tabs - not happy - need to be redone in jquery UI
  2. can't close yellow text
  3. backup db - once db backed up - menu goes wierd
  4. IE - menu not all nice
  5. no data validation on form input
  6. postgres version not complete
  7. total style invoice not selectable
  8. Help link - top right - not working
  9. Reports - not localised - ie. in 6 decimal places
  10. PHP.ini max memory needs to be min 64M to handle new PDF


  1. If using a new database for beta2 please restore using ./database/MySQL/Strucutre.sql and then Essentials.sql) - if you want the sample data also restore SampleData.sql
  2. chmod -Rv 777 ./tmp; as cache, log, and dbbackups directories have been moved into this folder

How to help out

  1. try upgrading a database from an older version (pre 2009.1 beta2) and make sure all the invoices are still OK
  2. create invoices using a few different scenarios and then edit them - etc.. - make sure the invoice is 100% ok in all the differents
  3. are you a css guru? i need someone to help fix the css round the menus - issue in IE and also with side borders
  4. post on the forum - if you find any issues




justin, 2009/02/19 22:47


you can test out 2009.1 beta 3 at



JOsh Beauregard, 2009/02/24 18:07

Justin, thank you for your hard work.

Just upgraded and it looks and works great.

I have a couple issues with my data base. I have to manually change the table si_users to si_user (along with having to do some manual column changes) I would check the changes in but don't know where to start.


justin, 2009/02/28 12:45

thanks for the info JOsh

what version were you upgrading from?

just might have to alter the upgrade code to fix this - theres a patch to change the table name - but if you upgraded from beta 2 might of been skipped - will review



JOsh Beauregard, 2009/03/17 12:38

It was beta 2 when upgrading I tend to do a dump of my db structure and diff it with the structure file that you included. and make my changes there. I will post a patch file next time.

Roy Guadalupe, 2009/05/28 08:14

Just to say hello Justin, and congratulations again for your work.

justin, 2009/06/02 04:40

thanks Roy, good to hear from you



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