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Simple Invoices 2009.1 Beta 4 release

Hi Guys,

Simple Invoices 2009.1 beta 4 has been released!

This is the second last beta release before the stable 2009.1 release

You can grab the download from:

Whats new

  • Simple Invoices now works with E_STRICT error reporting (ie. the 'Manage' pages now work for E_STRICT people)
  • sql port number added into config.ini
  • UI updates
  • First Run wizard - work started
  • Default landing page is Manage Invoices if there is already an invoice in the db
  • backup db - menu fix
  • customer view info tabs - redone in jquery UI
  • Extensions can now be managed within Simple Invoices and not in the config file - thanks Marcel
  • System defaults table updated to include both domain_id and extension_id fields - so can have different values for a default depending on extension or domain - thanks Marcel


  • If creating a new database use the files in ./databases/MySQL
    • import 1-Structure.sql and 2-EssentialDate.sql
  • If you want some same data import 3-SampleData.sql
  • edit your config settinsg in ./config.ini

Known issues

  • UI of Manage Extensions needs updating
  • not all the extensions work
  • front page/dashboard not complete
  • Total style invoice not selectable
  • Invoice edit needs work

If you have any problems please post here on the forum:




justin, 2009/06/01 06:22

Hi Guys,

theres a demo online of 2009.1 beta 4 :



Paul, 2009/06/05 20:38

Just some words on the simpleinvoices script:

Thank you for making such a product, I use it for some customers since a year, I am running an old version and would love to see cronjobs in the upcoming version.

This products is already good and helpful since it is free,

Yet, I want to give some supportive words to the developers and of course hoping it is only going to be better in the future! :)



justin, 2009/06/10 03:24

Thanks Paul!

Cronjobs/recurring invoices are one of our most requested features.

Once I get the 2009.1 stable release out i'll get working on it



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