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Simple Invoices 2010.2 Beta 2 released

Hi Guys,

Simple Invoices 2010.2 Beta 2 has been released.

You can grab the download from:

This issue fixes a few issues from the beta 1 release include:


Known issues:

  • Automatic installer might not work 100% - best bet is to manually import the Simple_Invoices_Full.sql file for new dbs
  • French translation - the manage grids don't work

If you have any issues or queries please post in the forum:




Matias Casanova, 2010/04/12 05:18

Sorry, guys is the recurrence working on this version ┬┐cos when i try to enter i get a completely blank page

MaxHedrm, 2010/04/15 23:21

Do the 2010.2 builds go back to storing the config info (database ids & passwords, etc)in a php file instead of a plain text INI?

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