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Simple Invoices 2010.2 Beta 5 released!

Hi Guys,

I'm very happy to announce the availability of Simple Invoices 2010.2 Beta 5 release!

You can grab the download from:

Whats new:

  • fixed IE manage payments problem
  • adjusted and fixed issue with login page
  • fixed custom_field1 problem
  • fixed export to Word in quick view problem
  • fixed French translation so that the manage grids now work
  • fixed preferences status save problem
  • fixed issue with blank Simple Invoices - now warns if cache folder not writeable
  • change to config - just use config/custom.config.ini if you want a version of config.ini that is not in svn
  • fixed issue with rounding number with lots of decimal places in invoice creation/editing
  • fixed email as PDF invoice name/id


Known issues:

  • Automatic installer might not work 100% - best bet is to manually import the Simple_Invoices_Full.sql file for new dbs

If you have any issues or queries please post in the forum:




catherine, 2010/05/04 15:52

Hello, I've upgraded to latest version from my old version dating back to 2008-06-29 and it works great ! Thanks a lot.

I also managed to get email parameters right in config.ini . Here is what I set for those who also have problem with gmail : = email.smtp_auth = true email.username = [email protected] email.password = pass email.smtpport = 587 = TLS email.ack = false

When I have a minute I'll look into the translation into French of the new workings.


justin, 2010/05/05 10:02

thanks for the update catherine and thanks for the details re Gmail!! are you using Google Apps or normal Gmail?

re french * thanks - the latest translation is available at: *



Clive, 2010/05/25 18:33


I'm reviewing a couple of OS invoicing systems (yours is favourite at the mo) - I'm intrigued about the –fancy graph here– comment on the dashboard. Can you give me a clue as to what these fancy graphs will contain? There are some excellent php/flash graphing tools out there that require no flash knowledge at all when you get to this part of the development.

Regards Clive

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