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Simple Invoices 2010.2 released!!

Hi Guys,

After 8 beta releases I'm very happy to announce the availability of Simple Invoices 2010.2 !

You can grab the download from:

Whats new:


If you have any issues or queries please post here in the forum:




William Burke, 2010/07/05 12:16

Upgrade question. I've backed-up my current database and config.ini file, downloaded the 2010.2 release and extracted it to my desktop, and I've edited the config.ini file with my current settings. My current simpleinvoices directory is :C:\wamp\www\simpleinvoices. To upgrade, should I then simply overwrite the current simpleinvoices directory with the new one?

justin, 2010/07/07 00:19

hey william,

you can just rename C:\wamp\www\simpleinvoices to C:\wamp\www\simpleinvoices-2010.1 and create a folder C:\wamp\www\simpleinvoices and extract 2010.2 into that one



João, 2010/07/20 23:31


I'M portuguese, and i need this great aplication with news version of SAFT-PT 1.01..

Can you help-me please!


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