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Simple Invoices 2010.2 Update 1 released!

Hi Guys,

Simple Invoices 2010.2 Update 1 has been released

You can grab the download from:

Whats new:

  • This releases fixes the edit customer issue in 2010.2


If you have any issues or queries please post here in the forum




meterkast, 2010/08/21 20:14

Just installed simpleinvoice and i have to say it is a wonderful system! I like it very much. I created a layouttemplate for an invoice, mainly for pdf export. When i'm done optimising it, i'll make it public to others. Thanks again for sharing this amazing system!

justin, 2010/08/27 00:16

thanks meterkast

please post on the forum when you make the layout public - so others can benefit



Jim Salter, 2010/12/26 22:06

Justin, you've got a bug in your debtors_by_aging report. The php file needs a patch, and the table structure needs updating in two of your tables in order to fix it.

Documentation is in this forum thread:

Unrelatedly: please for the love'a god install WordPress or something for the blog, and phpBB or something for your forum. Trying to use DokuWiki as a blog… well… gah. =\

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