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Hi Guys,

after a few dramas with dns (including getting redirected to some dodgy pr0n type site :-) ) we've now migrated to a new webhost

would love to of moved to but the aussie dollar is in the pits against USD at the moment

in summary:

  • good bye
  • hello


  • let me know if you have any dramas with the site (ie. stuff that was there - now not there etc..)
  • the demo site is still being uploaded




sahale mokonen, 2008/10/09 05:30

I went a FORUM invoice form for my work in the travel industry.

justin, 2008/10/09 11:27

Hi Sahale,

Can you please detail what a forum invoice form is, i've never heard of this before

also the forum - is the best place to most suggestions etc.



Rick Curran, 2008/10/09 14:13

Hi, the demo site doesn't appear to be working.

justin, 2008/10/09 22:23

Hey Rich,

I've just finished the config of demo - should be fine to use now



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