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Simpleinvoices as a module in care2x

July 05 2007

In the last 2 months I spent some time to implement simpleinvoices as a module of care2x. This was requested by Balasubramaniam Mohan. I thought I would be a nice challenge and would show the possibilities of simpleinvoices.

The nice thing is, I only had to change a few lines to get it working. The customers are read out of the care2x database and are shown in the normal customer list. Because the magnitude of customers is pretty big, I implemented a search field for customers. That's also in the next release of simpleinvoices.

Some more stuff like departement had also to be shown as a custom field. I changed two custom-fields for invoices to a pop-up menu where you can select consultant and departement.

You can find a demo at: Login: demo / pass

Their is also a discussion about it on the care2x developer forum:

I think it would be great, if we could make simpleinvoices an “official” modul of care2x (or care3x in the future). I have to contact and talk to some developer of care2x to make it better and cleanup some stuff.

To make you curious about the release: At the moment I'm working at a new implementation of the custom-fields. It will be completly dynamic an it should be possible for everyone to write his own custom-fields as a plugin. So we can solve the invoice-numbering problem and I'm sure, their will be a lot more ideas from the community. Later I will write a more concrete article about it.

- aplysia


Gjergj Sheldija, 2008/07/30 10:55

Ideally there should be an automated invoicing system. No need for the user to select the service / product, but automatically generate it.

easy, 2008/09/25 11:35

how/where can I get it?

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