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UTF8 and PDF

Hi Guys

for a while we've been having problems with generating PDF that contain utf8/non-latin tyle characters - accented/euro symbol etc..

i've just put in a small fix onto our demo site

if you have had PDF and non-latin character problems please login to the demo site and create some new invoices and try to PDF - let us know if it now works or still has problems - and which characters you used

for the fix refer:

Noet: this fix will mess the display of previously entered accented characters. They will have to be fixed manually.




Robert Laussegger, 2009/01/08 08:00


Just checked it with most of the special characters on my (German) keyboard and it looks ok on the printout. Well done. What disturbs me is the fact that it says gross where it should say net (also in the program) but I guess this is an setting issue.

rgds rl

PS: Anytime soon that you'll be releasing the new version?

justin, 2009/01/08 09:43

Thanks for testing that Robert

I've still had reports that weird unicode characters arent happy with PDF so i'll still keep working on this

re next version

  1. will try and get the second beta of the next version out in a week or so

re gross

  1. in the next version im going to remove that 'gross' wording - just have list of items - total tax and the invoice amount - reducing the number of fields displayed to keep it simple



Robert Laussegger, 2009/01/13 08:34

Hi Justin,

Just (ok, last week…) downloaded the released version and ran a test locally re. special characters - no problem on the print-out either. But I've set everything to utf-8 and I'm running Linux, on the server as well as on my local machine.

Re. the word “gross” - this was a misinterpretation on my side. With “gross” you mean apparently “extended price” whereas we (Europeans) mean net plus tax = gross. So it's ok to leave it where it is I believe, many European countries need to show the VAT per line, especially if you have to deal with more than one tax rate per invoice.

rgds rl

justin, 2009/01/22 02:25

thanks robert for testing this

re vat per line

  • i'll try and get beta 2 out asap and if people need it added back it i'll do it



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