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What people are saying about Simple Invoices

Hi, I am Debbie Kramb a homeschool mother of 4, we have been using simple invoice for our homeschool band since last year and we truly love it. We are a non-profit organization with no fund and we use simple invoice to bill our band members to pay the director. Thank you so very much for your program.

Debbie Kramb, refer #

Our business was stuck between old, hard to use technologies and tens of thousands of dollars investment in a down economy, until I stumbled upon Simple Invoices. I have been looking for something open and customizable for a long time and Simple Invoices is perfect. We have been using it since July of this year. It has been great. The community is so helpful I just wanted to let you know that we are truly thankful for it!

Bryan LaCore,

We think you have done a fantastic job by creating Simple Invoices and keeping it 100% Open Source. This really helps small scale agencies like that of ours. Our clients are mainly Indian with small businesses. Most small businesses in India refrain from using SaaS based models in online invoicing as it is too expensive for them and it adds to operational costs very month. This makes sense when you understand the fact that for about 50 Rupees you get a Dollar. The currency weakness just makes it very expensive to use these web services.

Your contribution to the web has helped us a lot and will definitely many business start-ups and agencies across the Asia & Africa in the future. Simple Invoices is clean, simple and very easy to use. A big Thank You from the 3 Spin team to the fantastic work you've done! In the near future, I really do hope our web developers can contribute towards this project. Keep up the awesomeness! :)

Jinesh Parekh,
Packtpub - How to install Simple Invoices article review

As the name implies, Simple Invoices is a simple application. It's well-suited for one-person businesses and small businesses that do not need the overhead of a more involved application.

Linux User & Developer Magazine review

It’s free and has a simple yet good-looking front end. Being web-based, it’s accessible from anywhere, and is cross-platform. The software itself is pretty advanced: it supports various billing formats and even allows several user accounts. This is great for a small organisation’s requirements review
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