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config/config.php settings

This page details the various options in the Simple Invoices config file ( config/config.ini )



database.adapter        			= pdo_mysql
database.utf8        	              		= true     			= localhost
database.params.username 			= root
database.params.password 			= ''
database.params.dbname   			= simple_invoices
database.params.port   		        	= 3306


The 'database.' section details your database connection details.

Options Description
adapter Default is 'pdo_mysql'
utf8 Default is 'true'. If you have problems with inputted data with non-latin characters set this to false and retry
host Enter the server name that your Simple Invoices database is on. This is normally 'localhost'
username The username to connect to your database
password The password for the above user in between the single quotes
dbname Enter the name of the database you are using for Simple Invoices ie. 'simpleinvoices'
port The default MySQL port is 3306. If your instance is different enter it here



authentication.enabled	 			= false
authentication.http 				=


Options Description
.enabled Authentication is disabled by default, Enter 'true' to turn it on. Note: the default username is '[email protected]' and password is 'demo'
.http entre 'true' to use Apaches .htpasswd system. Note: its up to you to create the .htpasswd file

Data Export


export.spreadsheet		 		= xls
export.wordprocessor	 			= doc
export.pdf.screensize 	 			= 800
export.pdf.papersize  	 			= A4
export.pdf.leftmargin	 			= 15
export.pdf.rightmargin	 			= 15
export.pdf.topmargin	 			= 15
export.pdf.bottommargin 			= 15


Options Description
.spreadsheet Enter 'xls' for MS Excel export, use 'ods' for Open Document export
.wordprocessor Enter 'doc' for MS Word export, use 'odt' for Open Document export
.pdf.screensize Screen resolution for PDF
.pdf.papersize Papersize for PDF. Can be A4, Letter, etc..
.pdf.leftmargin Left indent margin width
.pdf.rightmargin Right indent margin width
.pdf.topmargin Top indent margin width
.pdf.bottommargin Bottom indent margin width



local.locale					= en-gb
local.precision					= 2


Options Description
.locale This sets the location dependent (date, money, numbers, etc..) formatting used in Simple Invoices, refer: for list of all locales
.precision This is the number of decimal places to format numbers with. Default is 2

Email settings

.ini 					= localhost
email.smtp_auth				 	= false
email.username			 		=  
email.password 					= 
email.smtpport			 		= 25      				= 
email.ack 					= false


Options Description
.host The server name of your outgoing email server. This is normally 'localhost'
.smtp_auth Enter 'true' if yoour out going email server requies a username and password to send
.username The username if smtp_auth is 'true'
.password The password if smtp_auth is 'true'
.smtpport The port number for the mail server. Default is 25, use 465 for secure ssl
.secure Email security type, default is '', others are 'ssl' or 'tls'
.ack If you want a read receipt of the email set this to 'true'

Debug level


debug.level 						= All


The debug level used within Simple Invoices

Options Description
None Off
All On

Error reporting


debug.error_reporting 					= 0


This sets the PHP error reporting level, refer: for full PHP list

Main ones to use are

Error_reporting level Description
0 Turn off errors
-1 Show all errors - same as E_ALL
E_STRICT PHP interoperability and compatibility errors
E_ERROR Show simple running errors


.ini 			= UTC


Set this to your timezone, UTC is the default. Refer: for the list of all timezones

Display errors


phpSettings.display_startup_errors 	        = 0
phpSettings.display_errors 			= 0


This sets the php settings for displaying errors

Options Description
0 Off
1 On

Version info

.ini					= 2009.1


Details the version of Simple Invoices that you are using

config/define.php settings


If $environment is not = “production” then this allows you to have another local config file for your dev or other purposes ie. dev.config.ini

any config.ini setting in this extra file(which wont be kept in svn) will overwrite config.ini values

this way everyone can have there own conf setting without messing with anyones setting

RELEASE TODO: make sure $environment is set back to live
$environment = "dev"; //test,staging,dev,live etc..
define("TB_PREFIX","si_"); // default table prefix si_ -  Old variable: $tb_prefix = "si_";

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