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Getting started with Simple Invoices

Simple Invoices is a web based application that can be installed on a web-server, Windows PC, or hosted by one of our service providers


If you have a web-server (Apache httpd, IIS, etc…) click the below download link and read our documentation to get started with Simple Invoices:

 Download Simple Invoices now

Simple Invoices for Windows

If your on a Windows PC and don't have access to a web-server your best bet is to download Simple Invoices for Windows. Click the below Download link and read our Windows documentation to get started with Simple Invoices for Windows

 Download Simple Invoices now

Simple Invoices service providers

If you don't want to download, setup or install anything please refer to our market_place page. This lists all the different web hosts that can provide you with Simple Invoices setup, configured and running on their servers

Smarter Invoices Smarter Invoices - The Simple Invoices 'hosting' company

Got issues installing and configuring Simple Invoices? Don't have a publicly available web-server. No worries. Smarter Invoices can help you out!

Smarter Invoices provides various hosting services for Simple Invoices specifically aimed at freelancers and micro-business.

Similar to, Smarter Invoices was started by Justin Kelly, the founder and still one of the current developers of Simple Invoices with the aim is to provide services to enhance your Simple Invoices experience.

3rd Party versions of Simple Invoices for Windows


AMPPS provide an all in one web stack installer for Windows with SimpleInvoices pre-installed and setup.

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