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Simple Invoices 'Dreamtime'

The 'Dreamtime' is stuff we would love to see in Simple Invoices but has not been planned for work just yet - note these are not listed in any particular order

also refer:

  • Finish of the new custom field work by Aplysia
  • Use Zend Translate as our lang tool
  • use Zend autoload
  • use Zend coding standards
  • Use Zend log
  • Login - use of password salt in zend_auth refer this page
  • Search - add a nice search page in each of the manage pages - copy code from school extension and make a nice ajaxy UI
  • Simplify the UI ← this is a work in progress
    • to many menus etc.. now -
    • no more drop down menus
  • be able to specify what language a particular invoice is to be printed in
    • ie - have the default system in say english - but print the invoice in french
  • be able to specify an invoice template per invoices - not jsut invoice preference
  • Alternate tax struture ← this is a work in progress
  • Re Work invoice creation and editing ← this is a work in progress
    • dynamically add/remove more line items
    • Discounts
    • multi taxes
    • etc.
  • Multi currency support - refer this post
    • keep it simple
      • no currency conversion etc..
      • just allow option to select what currency to use
        • can store in invoice preference to reduce number of things to select in the invoice
      • integrate this is proper currency locale stuff - ie if euro than format currency euro way etc..
  • Installer - finish Maxs installer
  • Clean Slate - If no entries for a section - ie. no invoices then show a nice screen with helpful info on how to create an invoice etc//
  • Customer login & payment - Paypal/Google Checkout integration
    • add paypal link into invoice
      • have admin screen to insert your paypal details - for links etc..
      • url link in PDF - refer this post
    • enable customer to log in and pay an invoice via paypal - and have that payment recorded in Simple Invoices
    • auto add paypal fees onto invoice if paying via paypal - refer forum post
  • Late fees on invoices - refer forum post
  • Early payment of invoice reduction - refer forum post
  • Statement reports - refer forum post
  • Emailing
    • be able to change the format that the invoice get emailed as (ie. .doc/xls or inline or attached html) - refer forum post
    • Translatable - remove all hard coded words etc..
    • Cusomisable email templates - refer forum
  • Due date on invoices/overdue option - refer forum post
    • this to be an option - not on by default

* Review templating system - is smarty the best option for us etc.. - refer this post - smarty is the choosen templating system till something else much better is found

  • API for Simple Invoices
  • For new UI
    • The colors should be in a different CSS file, so that in the future users will be able to make their own themes
    • The logo should be replaceable (with a config option) so people can have their company logo there :D
  • For freelancers there should be an option to change “products” and “sales” to “projects”
  • Workflow
    • estimates/quotes - turn into invoices - invoice turn into receipts - reporting exclude estimates etc.. and status to track the life-cycle/workflow of an invoices
    • workflow to be semi-automatic - ie system sets it to x based on some rules but can be overridden
  • Login UI - update and add our logo
  • Copy an invoices refer this forum post
  • User management
    • be able to setup customer logins
    • a user management page
    • etc..
  • Invoice ID - remove link to database table id
  • Products
    • revist how the products table is done
    • add a cost field into products so basic profit& loss type stuff can be done
  • Attachments
    • Attach files to payments and invoices - refer forum
  • Recurring invoices
    • add option in new invoice creation to add a recurrence
    • have a recurrence admin page
    • in client section show recurrence per client
    • refer forum for contributed code
    • note: look at using php to create daemons to manage this - unix only so no need to cron stuff
  • Css selector for invoices with preview etc..
  • Be able to add a new product within the new/edit invoice pages - ie click a link and dialog windows popups and you fill in the details then close and product is in the drop down


Bjorn Behrendt, 2008/12/09 01:15

I work at a school and started using this for side work. However I think it would be great to use for managing Purchase Orders in my department. It would work nicely as an added Invoice style. I have created something in access and been looking for something similar that was web based. If I get a chance I will attempt to create an extension. Figured I'd make this suggestion and see if it is something you'd like to add to your Dreamtime.

justin, 2008/12/09 03:17

Hey Bjorn,

re purchase orders - its very simple to add a new Invoice Preference in Simple Invoices called purchase order and just put in there the stuff you need

if you need additional features just for purchase orders please detail them - so i know exactly what you are after



Andre Gaa, 2009/02/18 11:29

Hi folks, I've tried to enable gene extensions, but there's a file sql.php in extensions/gene/install folder that might need to be run into mysql. How do I do this?

justin, 2009/02/24 01:35

hey andre

the gene extension is in a state of flux - just feel free to play with it -note: if very custom to a specific company who wanted this extension

just open up sql.php and copy the sql lines out of it

note: replace the TB_PREFIX bit with si_

the installer/sql for extensions is still a work in progress

just post if you have more queries



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