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Simple Invoices RoadMap - Trunk

beta 1

  • Move all Manage pages grids to flexigrid - done
  • New textarea htmleditor - done
  • Make the funky ajax stuff from gene extension into normal Simple Invoiecs - edit product price in invoice createion - and remove items from existing invoice - done
  • window thing for the popup messages * port all the old ? and light bulb help windows over to the new onclick tooltip system * refer trunk Biller Add page for example of new system in use. - done
  • Zend Framework - use Zend ACL/Auth to handle user logins - Justin - done

beta 2

  • New invoices - invoice custom fields - popup help page not linked correctly - done by hannes
  • Port extension system from current-stable-release to trunk - Justin
    • pretty much done - just need final review
  • Domain ID stuff - finish - all tables and all sections/functions etc.. to be update to work OK - Justin after ACL stuff
  • fix manage sql patches - justin
  • Manage pages - make the quick search (the button at the bottom work correctly)
  • Documentation/Release notes/Config page info
  • Decimal - only show decimals if not .00 - justin - done
  • New UI - JK
  • move all items in config.php to config.ini (and remove unneeded items)- done
  • produce list of locale (for zend locale section) - refer config wiki page

beta 3

  • Nice Error messages
    • port to trunk from current-stable-release
      • check if cache is writeable - current if cache not write-able then you get cant find function error
      • need to check - if php5.2, if PDO-MySQL, installed, can connect to db, can login, etc. and print nice error message
  • PostgreSQL - test and write new patches, etc..
  • Forms - validations - ie Biller must have name, invoice must have x etc.. - do in jquery (this is not the db input val/filter stuff) - Hannes/Gerard
  • Move unneeded files out of root dir
  • Database backup - make work with mysql & postgres
  • Manage Payments - number of pages bug - refer forum
  • remove the errors in php logs - refer forum


Mark, 2009/01/06 14:38

Why are you moving everything from config.php to config.ini…If someone puts in the web address the .ini file it will show them everything that is in that file including database username and passwords. If it is in a php file then you can not see it. Unless I am missing something, I think that this is a security issue.

justin, 2009/01/06 22:22

Hi Mark

re .ini

  • 2 reasons
    1. was to increase readability of the file and make it dead easy for anyone to edit
    2. the other reason is that i'll be working on an installer for Simple Invoices and using zend_config_writer it'll be straight forward to write a little installer to read and write to the .ini file

re security

  • understand what your saying
  • theres a couple of options
    • a suggestion has come through to change config.ini back to config.php - but keep ini format and add ;<?php on line 1 and ; exit; on line 2 - that way zend will like it and you wont be able to browse to it
    • just have to see if zend_config_writer can write comments into a file
    • other option is to move config out of the Simple Invoices dir to a non browse-able location - but that might be not much work for some people

let me know your thoughts



Bart Riepe, 2009/01/13 10:29

Just make the config directory inaccessible from the outside using .htaccess that solves most problems I believe.

Like this: <FilesMatch “\.(htaccess|htpasswd|ini|phps|fla|psd|log|sh)$”> Order Allow,Deny Deny from all </FilesMatch>

justin, 2009/01/14 02:13

Hey Bart

thanks for that great suggestion - think .htaccess is the best option - i'll add this one in as the .htaccess for Simple Invoices

IndexIgnore */*

<FilesMatch "\.(htaccess|htpasswd|ini|phps|fla|psd|log|sh)$"> 
	Order Allow,Deny 
	Deny from all 

<FilesMatch "\.(htm|html|css|js|php)$">
	AddDefaultCharset UTF-8



muhammedc, 2009/01/16 20:34

Hi guys

just wanted to thank you guys for such an awesome product…. keep up the good work!


justin, 2009/01/17 10:33

Hey Muhammedc,

thanks for the support!

if you want to help Simple Invoices the best thing you can do is spread the word, comment on blog sites, write reviews etc.. - word of mouth is the best form of marketing



Mike, 2009/01/20 21:40


I have stumbled across this product today and it has taken up most of my day. I am so excited for a up-to-date GPL product of such a sort. I am working on in a total MAC environment and this product is great!! I did have problems getting the latest version working (have posted already in the forums) but did manage to 20080629 installed and working well.

Is it possible to put in new colums in an invoice/quote ? For example I have a production company and I need “Quantity” * “Duration” * “Unit Price” to give me the total.

As I mentioned I am not to technical but can navigate around mysql and understand some php.

Once again thanks for the great work. I look forward to hacing my business run using simpleinvoices and will recommend it to all I know.



justin, 2009/01/21 22:38

hey mike

re new columns in the invoice

  • theres no easy way to add new columns in at the moment unfortunately
  • you'll have to try and work-around and find another way to invoice the way you want via Simple Invoices
    • ie. in the beta version of Simple Invoices you can adjust the price etc.. in the invoice so this may help

let us know how you go



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