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The Simple Invoices Tour

Easy invoice creation

Creating an invoice in Simple Invoices is as simple as selecting a biller, customer, enter a description and amount and click 'Save Invoice'.

It is easy and fast.

 Simple Invoices - easy invoice creation

Web based application

Simple Invoices is a web based application. This means once you set it up you can then access and use Simple Invoices from any PC using a web browser, nothing to install on clients PCs.

Just open a web browser and go nuts creating invoices.

It's about a millions times easier than messing around with Quicken installs and copying data files.

 Simple Invoices - web based application

Keep track of your money

Forget about trying to keep track of your invoices and who owes you what via some dodgy spreadsheet!

With Simple Invoices from one simple screen you can manage all your invoices.

Monitor amounts owed to you, tracking the aging of unpaid invoices, sort and filter etc..

Simple Invoices - manage your invoices

Email your invoices as PDF

With a click of the mouse you can easily email an invoice as PDF to your clients through Simple Invoics

Simple Invoices - email as PDF

Free/Open-Source Software

Forget about monthly subscription costs or the dreaded yearly upgrade of MYOB/Quicken/Intuit/etc… Simple Invoices is yours for free forever - no trial periods, no catches or nasty surprises.

Simple Invoices is free/open source software licensed under the GNU GPL. This means that Simple Invoices is your software, and you are in control. You can download Simple Invoices and install it on your computer or server and use it, modify it or redistribute it without ever having to pay a single cent to anyone or get a support contract.

Simple Invoices - free/open source software

It's your data

Simple Invoice's philosophy means that you are in control over your data. Simple Invoices is webbased, but on your server, not some flashy web 2.0 startup that could go bust. Did you know there are more than 14 web-based invoicing software-as-service (SaaS) companies right now? How many of these will exist in 2, 4, 7 years? If you are a freelance professional or small business owner, you should be in control over your invoicing data. Simple Invoices allows that.

You don't have to sign up for anything, you don't have to hand out your credit card details - just download it, and run it on your system for free forever - if you don't want to continue to use Simple Invoices - thats fine - just stop, no need to tell anyone or worry about a contract you've locked yourself into. This is the benefit of free/open source software!


Multiple invoice types

In Simple Invoices there are various types of invoices available, each suited to different organisations. From the [Invoices+] menu, there are 3 types of invoices available: Total Invoices, Itemised Invoices and Consulting Invoices.

  • A Total Invoice is an invoice that only has a description and an amount - think an invoice from a plumber that lists the actions and then has one price and the tax associated.
  • An Itemised Invoice is an invoice that list many different items in the same invoice - think a grocery store invoice.
  • A Consulting Invoice is an invoice that is similar to the itemized style except that with each line item there is a detailed description of the work performed - think accounting, development & legal firms invoices.

Simple Invoices - multiple invoice types

Nice looking invoices

Invoices can be printed with a number of nice looking templates to make your invoices pretty. Each biller can have his own logo for a professional look.

Simple Invoices - nice looking invoices

Export Invoices

You can export your invoices to a variety of formats including PDF, Microsoft Word and Excel.

 Simple Invoices - export your invoices


Simple Invoices is not limited to just invoices; you can also use it to generate estimates, receipts, quotes or whatever style of document you need as you can customise your own style to suit your requirements.

Simple Invoices - flexibility


Simple Invoices provides a number of reports allowing you to further analyse your information


As Simple Invoices is Free/Open-source software its developed in an open environment by the Simple Invoices community. Jump on the forum to see the community in action, post ideas, bugs and work on improving Simple Invoices.

Simple Invoices - Community

Commercial Support

If you prefer commercial support or want it to have installed for you, these services are available for Simple Invoices via the Market Place

The Simple Invoices Market Place enables you to easily find a Simple Invoices service provider.


There is still more to Simple Invoices.

  • To learn more feel free to read about Simple Invoices, its features and online documentation.
  • Browse and participate in the Simple Invoice forums.
  • Give Simple Invoices a try, log into the online demo to test out Simple Invoices - no install or downloads required.
  • or if your convinced you can download Simple Invoices now from here
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