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Client Accounts implementation document - Goal: The objective of Client Accounts is to enable the management/tracking/etc. of payments that your customers have made to you - based on invoices created with Simple Invoices

Stage 1: - implemented 20060828

  • Basic implementation
  • Add the fields, Total, Paid and Owing to the Manage Invoices and Manage Customers page
  • Add Process Payment option to Manage Invoices, Client details, and Quick View
  • Client details: show in the client details page the list of all the invoices for that client and there payment stats.
  • Quick View: add a payment details for the invoice and show a summary of that customers Total, Paid and Owing stats

Stage 2: - implemented 20060909

  • Add an Accounts/Payments menu
  • Create a Process Payment page where you can select an invoice and process a payment (different from the process_payment in Stage 1)
  • Create a Batch process payment where you can process say 10 payments at once - removed
  • Create a Manage Payments screen where you can view sort all the payments - Non editable - but can add payments from here

Stage 3:

  • Reports: create some basic reports to report on payments
  • ? New Invoice - look at adding an autocalc js into the New Invoice page and maybe add a payment fields there - so its an all-in-one page
  • Add a tick box into the New Invoice pages to say: mark invoice as paid in full” so it'll automatically process a payment for the total of the invoices - Usefull for generating receipts

Stage 4:

  • Reports: create more advanced and detailed reports – ie, Days overdue reports etc.
  • Add in the Quick View a 'Generate' option to enable the printing/pdf/xls/etc.. of any other invoice preference – ie. there'll be a drop down list - if if you created and invoice - you'll be able to select 'Receipt' from the list and it'll print(or whatever action you select) a Receipt of the Invoice

Stage 5:

  • Manage Invoices - add a days overdue field
  • Add a System deault ?/maybe? where you can specify the default payment period and base the overdue stats off that and the invoice create data
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