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Ideas for Google Summer of Code 2008

My overriding goal for GSoC 2008 is the incorporation of the Zend Framewwork into Simple Invoices

Google Gears 4 Simple Invoices


Google Gears Beta is an open source browser extension that enables web applications to provide offline functionality

Implementing Google Gears will enable Simple Invoices for offline use - especially suited for use by laptop users your needs to access Simple Invoices thats on a remote server - when they don't have an internet connection available

They can use the Google Gears versions of Simple Invoices and sync up when an Internet connection is available


Zend ACL

Simple Invoices is in desperate needs of a proper acl solution and Zend ACL looks like it can help solves alot of our problems

The aim is to have an extendable acl implementation in Simple Invoices. One that we can define things like

  1. User X can only see invoices of Biller X
  2. Admin users
  3. Read only users
  4. Invoice creation users
  5. Domains - have multiple domains from one install, ie people in domain 1 can only see their info while people in domain 2 can only see theirs etc.. (needs alot of work as alot of fields have to be adjusted to no longer be primary keys, etc..)
  6. etc..


Zend Auth

The current authentication system is a dodgy script thats been hacked together. Moving to Zend Auth would rock as we would be able to authenticate users against a whole heap of different sources - especially OpenID which is one of the main advantages of Zend Auth 1.5

Note: in trunk ive started sing pear auth - but that can be removed in favour of zend auth


Zend Local

Simple Invoices needs a real internationalisation system, currently we doing multi-languages in a very simple way that only accounts for the works on the screen getting translated depending on what lang is selected

using Zend Local we can look at internationalising all the other relevant data like data formats, currency formats, address formats, and salutation etc..

this would really rock


Zend Config

Our current config system needs an update to be more flexible and readable. Zend Config looks like a great replacement especially its YAML support

Preferably we can write to the config file via the installer(when its done)


Plugins system

An often requested but never worked on feature for Simple Invoices in a plugin system

This system would allow someone to extend Simple Invoices is various ways:

  1. doing a customisation to a certain part of Simple Invoices - ie add billers and have that easily integrated into Simple Invoices in a non destructive way
  2. enabling the development and distribution of new parts of Simple Invoics
    1. ie someone wants to write an expenses section for Simple Invoices - they should be able to easily use a plugin system to make this an optional extra for themselves and anyone else who wants to use it
  3. etc..


Submit your own ideas

Just edit here and add your own idea that either you as a student would like to work on in Google Summer of Code 08 or stuff you think should be looked at


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