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To make a new logo available in Simple Invoices just copy the logo file from your computer into the logo directory in the Simple Invoices folder

  • in unix the Simple Invoices folder will usually be /var/www/html/simpleinvoices
  • just copy your new logo file into /var/www/html/simpleinvoices/templates/invoices/logos/

Note - on an ubuntu 6.06.1 server it's /var/www/simpleinvoices/templates/invoices/logos/your_logo.jpg

now the logo should be available in Simple Invoices

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marcnyc, 2010/01/23 05:02

I am on Apache and logos also appear to also be in /var/www/simpleinvoices/templates/invoices/logos/

Al, 2010/06/10 00:42


Once you add the logo via ftp per the instructions above, how do you actually get it into your invoice? I can't seem to find an option and the faq does not cover this from what I can tell.

James Webb, 2010/06/19 15:55

You can choose a logo for each biller from a drop-down list in the biller's preferences.

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