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Integrated customisations

What the?

Basically an integrated customisation is a modification to Simple Invoices that has been development following the extensions_faq method


mike beor, 2008/11/24 03:52

hi id like to know if customer registration and login is in the roadmap as this script seems great but being a script should cater a bit more to online business than just physical office type things

justin, 2008/11/24 23:30

hey mike


it's not on the roadmap - but i will add it

i've been meaning to add a real login system - ie customer logins etc with a user manage feature etc..

the base of the work has been done - just not the user management stuff



Bradley, 2009/01/08 00:01

it would be nice if some products was not taxable that is a must for anybody because if they charge for and item with tax and a service with out tax

justin, 2009/01/08 02:42

Hey Bradley,


in the upcoming version of Simple invoices each line item in an invoice can have there own tax rates

hope this answers your query



Diego Alegre, 2009/06/17 22:37

Hello, I own a small monthly publication, and I've been looking for ways to streamline my work and make it easier for me to manage my clients and billing.

I was wondering, Is there a way to expand Simple Invoices into something that could help me manage not only my invoices but the clientele?

I would like to be able to manage the contracts of my clients, advertising is contract based and for example, if someone's contract expires in the month of May, have the homepage show the New Contracts for the Month as well as the contracts that are ending that month.

is it possible to expand in such way?

justin, 2009/06/19 06:25

Hey Diego

re contracts - anything is possible, just takes time and effort to make it happen - there is nothing 'out-of-the-box' in Simple Invoices to do what you want but doesn't mean it can't be created - if you know php or know someone who does then it should be fine

refer for list of companies that do Simple Invoices customisations



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