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 +===== Inventory =====
 +==== Info ====
 +  * Simple Invoices now included a simple inventory system as of Simple Invoices 2010.2
 +  * Features:
 +    * Display stock level in the Manage Products page
 +    * When an invoice is done - qty of stock gets decreased
 +    * Products now include 2 new fields:
 +      * Cost: This is the default cost for the product.  When you add qty of stock the cost field is required in the inventory movement.  The default cost comes from this field
 +      * Reorder level: A cron job can be setup daily to hit a specific page - see below for details - this page checks the current qty for all products against their reorder levels and if the qty is at or below the reorder level an email is sent to the administrator
 +  * Inventory Management section
 +    * Can increase/decrease qty for a product
 +    * This is where you see list of previous Inventory additions
 +  * Profit per invoice reports
 +    * A new report is available in the reports section.  This details profit per invoice and total for a selected period
 +    * NOTE: the calculation for profit uses average cost of the product.  Simple Invoices can't track inventory additions against invoices
 +==== Setup ====
 +  - You need mod_rewrite enabled in your apache to make recurring invoice work
 +  - For the reorder level emails you need to be able to setup a cron job on your server
 +==== How to ====
 +=== Get started ===
 +  - Enabled Inventory
 +    - Go to go System Preferences page and enabled 'Inventory'
 +  - Configure your products
 +    - Now inventory is enabled when you go to edit a products you have 2 new fields.  Enter the default Cost and the Reorder level for each product to make the most of Inventory
 +  - Add quantity of stock
 +    - In the Products tab there will now be an 'Inventory' menu item.  Click this link to go to the manage inventory page
 +    - In this page you can add/edit/view inventory movements (that is manually added increases and decreases in stock quantity)
 +    - Click the 'Add Inventory Movement' button to add new quantity
 +    - The required fields are 'Product' , 'Date', 'Cost', and 'Quantity'
 +      - Note: the cost field will auto-populate based on the default cost of the product
 +      - Note: the cost field is used for the profit per invoice report
 +=== Make the reorder level emails work ===
 +  - Add a reorder levels to your various products
 +  - Make sure that emailing from Simple Invoices is working.  Try sending and invoice as PDF to yourself via Simple Invoices.  IF it works then proceed.
 +  - Make sure your have mo_rewrite enabled in your apache config
 +  - Setup a cronjob to 'hit' http://{}/{simple-invoice-folder}/api-reorder' 
 +    - ie.
 +  - This will send an email to the Simple Invoices administrator user. As listed in the user section.
 +==== Notes ====
 +  - If you have any queries post in the discussions section below or in the [[ | forum]]