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Simple Invoices Offline Version



Hi all.

I will like to propose to develop a offline version of Simple Invoices.

Simple Invoices is a php application that depends on Apache + PHP to work. Although there have been many alternatives such as WAMP and XAMPP to run as the base server… The configuration is still too tedious for non-technical people like accountants or clerks.

My suggestion is to develop this offline version in .NET 2.0, and have it to interact with the original Simple Invoice Database, locally or remotely. This will bring the application back to the old 3-tier application models…

Client ↔ Server ↔ Database

The advantage here is the installation process, because i believe everyone know how to run a windows installation process.. “Click Next” and “Click Next” until it reaches “Finish”. The application will be installed. This concept is to minimize the dependence of a working web server.

Will like to seek your views in my suggestions.

Also will like to know if any .NET proficient developers are interested in this project.

Please post in the forum or mailing-list if your interested



Dev ideas

Some thing to think about

or maybe use BitNami to package Simple Invoices for users so theres only a 3 click install type thing

Thinking about this more

  • my preferred solution would be
    • BitNami + Simple Invoices (ported to sqlite) + Mozilla Prism
      • Simple Invoices svn is already using PDO to handle multi databases
        • just need to port all the queries to sqlite
        • and package this all niec with bitnami and mozilal prism

- Justin

Random thoughts


I know .net 2.0 and can convert entire application to .net installable. Let me know if we can work together.

We have link it with central database, where people can save their data.

Whatever, we do, the GUI has to be very very easy to use and fast too.


sam Fourie, 2008/06/22 15:28


I have for a while now been using the simple invoicing system on my local windows XP Pc with a server system not not available anymore called “Net server”(Open Source Project Stopped)

This Netserver Apache - Mysql - PHP - HMail Open Source Server was by far the easiest to install and by far easier and more compatbile that ztami and all that other fancy name apache servers for windows

It is so versitail that i run it of my stick when i go to clients alongside my other portable windows programs like opera and firefox and Filezilla FTP

Could be possible to package this with Simple Invoices as local installation?

it has a reasonable memory footprint and rarely…very rarely give me trouble With the built in HMail server one could really make a worthwile package ready to run after Unzipping it…dont even need to install it…

Regards Sam

Paul, 2008/11/02 12:19

I'd just like to comment that an easier way to package this would be using Adobe Air. It can embed MySQL databases and run xHTML, JavaScript and CSS embedded within the application too, allowing for a much easier port.

There is a great, 3-part tutorial over at sitepoint:

justin, 2008/11/06 05:45

Hey Guys


  • i've been using xammp from on my usb stick and its working OK (except PDF)
  • i've thought about bitnami or jumpbox to provide a packaged all-in-one type install - but havent got anywhere with it


  • thanks paul, air does look interesting and most likely alot easier than redoing Simple Invoices .net/mono




vernon robinson, 2009/07/31 18:33

i need a invoice for my company i haer you guys are th best to ask.

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