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  • is now supported in Simple Invoices 2011
  • This means that if you enable PaymentsGateway in Simple Invoices a PaymentsGateway image/link will be placed in the invoice PDF, that once clicked enables your customer to pay you via PaymentsGateway.
  • Also once the customers pays you via PaymentsGateway the payment will be auto inserted into your Simple Invoices payments section
    • note: assuming your Simple Invoices is on a publicly accessible server and your PaymentsGateway is setup correctly.


  1. You need mod_rewrite enabled in your apache to make auto inserting payment info into Simple Invoices invoice work
  2. You need a PaymentsGateway API_LOGIN_ID
  3. If you want PaymentsGateway payments to be auto inserted in your Simple Invoices, your Simple Invoices install needs to be publicly accessible

How to

Enter your PaymentsGateway account details

  1. Edit your biller account in Simple Invoices an enter
    1. Your PaymentsGateway API_LOGIN_ID 'PaymentsGateway API ID' field
  1. Edit your PaymentsGateway Virtual Terminal info
    1. Log into the PaymentsGateway Virtual Terminal
    2. Go to Merchant Settings and select 'Gateway Key'
    3. If there is not an API Login ID click Generate, record the number and click Update
    4. Go to the Secure Web Pay section and ensure that Accept Unsigned Transactions is set to Yes
    5. also and a return page as 'http://{}/{simple-invoice-folder}/api-ach'
      1. Note: You need mod_rewrite enabled in your apache to make this work
    6. and click Update
    7. In the Field Settings section within the Secure Web Page section you need to change the 'Consumer Order Id' details to Optional and add a description as Invoice ID and click Update

Make the PaymentsGateway image/link appear in the invoice PDF

  1. Edit the Invoice Preference you will use
    1. Go the the Invoice Preferences page and edit the invoice preference you will use to create invoices
    2. in the 'Include online payment' fields select 'PaymentsGateway'
      1. by doing this - when you create an invoice using this invoice preference a PaymentsGateway image/link will appear at the bottom of the invoice - that links to the payment page


  1. Now once you create an invoice using your biller and the invoice preference setup in the previous steps when you view the PDF of the invoice there should be a PaymentsGateway image link
  2. If all your details have been entered OK when you click on the link it will direct you to a page with the Customer info, Invoice ID and Amount $ ready to be paid


  1. Assuming you have entered the return page correctly in the Virtual Terminalr setup once your customer pays you via PaymentsGateway it should auto input this payment in your Simple Invoices payments
  2. If you have any queries post in the discussions section below or in the forum
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