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Recurring invoices is now part of Simple Invoices 2010.2


  1. You need mod_rewrite enabled in your apache to make recurring invoice work
  2. You also need access to a cron system - either unix cron or cpanel type cron so that you can schedule the recurrence to run each day

How to

To create the recurrence

  1. Create a new invoice
  2. Go to the recurrence page and create a new recurrence
  3. Select the invoice created in step 1
  4. Select a start date for the recurrence
  5. Select an end date
    1. Note: if there is no end date leave this empty
  6. Enter the recurrence pattern in the 'Recur each' field
    1. ie. 1 month, 4 weeks, or 2 days etc..
  7. If you want the biller to be emailed a copy of the invoice when it recurs select 'Yes' in the 'Email biller after each recurrence' field
  8. The same as above applies to Customers in the 'Email customer after each recurrence' field and click 'Save'
  9. Your recurrence has setup

To run the recurrence

  1. you need to schedule via cron, webcron (like or cpanel cron
  2. add a new cron job that once a day hits the api-cron page within your Simple invoces
    1. ie to do this you need to enter a url like to{simple-invoices-folder}/index.php?module=api&view=cron
  1. note: mod_rewrite needs to be enabled in your apache config
  2. the cron entry would look something like
  3. #Simple Invoices recurrence - run each day at 1AM
    0 1 * * * wget -q ""
    1. if you don't have wget permission just create a new php file, and execute it as cron, file just need to have
      <?php file_get_contents(""); ?>
    2. using is a much easier way to setup the cron job.

To customise the email body message

  1. Edit the file ./include/class/email/body.php in your Simple Invoices folder and change the text to what you want it to be
  2. Note: there are only 3 variables available 'biller_name', 'customer_name', and 'invoice_name'
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