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Design Mantra/Philosophy

have fun

  • Simple Invoices only exists because the developers found it fun to do, were interested in invoicing and want to create a great free software invoicing solution
  • When developing Simple Invoices have fun with it. Make it do stuff you want it to do.
  • If invoicing is your thing, jump into the code and take it for a ride.
  • There are no bosses, time constraints, budgets, or sales people here. Just have fun.

take your time

  • The luxury when working in free software is time, we have no managers/bosses/CIOs/etc. to hammer us to get stuff done. In closed source development alot of stuff gets done badly as it get done quickly. When thinking about new features/bugs for Simple Invoices, take your time, relax,.. if it takes you 1 day/week/month/year it doesnt matter, just take as long as you want to develop what you want, just really think about your design, meditate on it/sleep on it/chill on it - whatever gets you through and once youve got the idea really worked out in your head svn update and rip into the code for a few hours - the result is much better code
  • Dont worry about trying to get something out the door asap, nothing good gets done fast.

do what you want

  • again, we have no bosses here, Simple Invoices dev is to be fun and the best way is to work on what you want to work on
  • dont worry about implementing features/bugs your not interested in, when these bug/features do get fixed they'll get done by someone who really wants to do that code and the result will be a better implementation. If you code something because you have to the result will always be less than coding because you want to.
  • we don't have sales targets or budgets to stick to, so do whatever you want. ok


Jho smith, 2015/02/06 08:10

far far away i need to have all simple invoice code

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