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Invoice Status


As of Simple Invoices 2010.2, invoices can now have a status - which is defined in the Invoices Preference


The status used to determine which invoices are 'Draft' and which are 'Real' invoices - the draft invoices will NOT be included in the various reports.

The available statuses are:

  • Draft
    • This can be used for estimates and quotes etc where the invoice is not live/real/open yet and it will not be included in the financial reports
  • Real
    • This can be used for invoices and receipts etc.. where the invoice are live/real/open and they will be included in the financial reports


The default status for all invoice preferences is 'Real'. To change this edit the invoice preference you want to use and adjust the Status field.


If you create an Estimated as a 'Draft' and it gets accepted by the client and you want to make it a real invoices – just edit the invoices and select an 'invoice preference' that has its status set to 'Real' ie. Invoice/Receipt


If you have any queries post in the discussions section below or in the forum

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