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Upgrading Simple Invoices from one version to another

Upgrading Simple Invoices from one version to another is very simple, just follow the below steps

  1. Take a backup of your current database.
    1. You can do this via Simple Invoices, just go to the 'Settings' menu and select 'Backup Database'
  2. Download the updated version of Simple Invoices from our website
  3. Make a copy of your config/config.ini file which is located in the config folder
  4. Unzip the contents of the Simple Invoices file which you downloaded into your simpleinvoices directory
  5. Open up the config/config.ini file that's in the config directory and enter your database details
  6. Open up Simple Invoices in your browser (usually http://localhost/simpleinvoices)
    1. If there are sql patches to be applied to the database
      1. Simple Invoices will now display the 'Upgrade Manager' and list all the sql patches that will be automatically applied
      2. Just click 'Upgrade' and Simple Invoices will upgrade your database
    2. If there are no sql patches to be applied Simple Invoices will 'just work' as normal, no 'Upgrade' options will be presented
  7. You're done, use Simple Invoices as normal!

Note: If upgrading from 2006xxxx version refer to this page upgrading from a very old release

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